Easiest way to record Webex and GoTo meetings on PC

Video conferencing platforms have witnessed a high surge in popularity during this pandemic. Be it for attending official meetings, or online classes, there is no denying the fact that video conferencing is now used more than ever before.

Webex and GoTo are two such video conferencing platforms that are heavily used and popular for conducting professional meetings and webinars. They have become very popular because they provide their users with reliable seamless communication services along with other useful functions such as integration with Outlook/Slack, Office 365 plug-ins, file sharing, and internal recording function. The cherry on the cake? They are entirely cross-platformed. This means that one can attend a meeting from any device or operating system.

In this article, we will have a detailed look at how to record both Webex and GoTo meetings on your PC. So let’s get started without further ado.

How to record Webex meetings as an Organizer

Webex provides its organizers and alternate organizers with the power to record their meetings without the use of any third-party recording software. They can simply use the inbuilt recorder that comes in with Webex to start the recording.

How to:

  • Download the Webex software from here or you can continue with the web app too if you wish to.
  • Sign in to your Webex account or create a new one if you don’t already have one.
  • If you are using the Webex software, click on the calendar icon from the left panel and you should see a window resembling this:

    Clicking on the Calender icon in Webex

  • Since it is presumed that you are the organizer, so start a new meeting or schedule a new meeting.
  • Once the meeting starts, click on Record to start recording the meeting.

    Clicking on the Record icon in Webex

  • Once you click on Record, a new window will pop up where you need to browse to the location where your recordings will be saved.
  • Once you select the location, your recording will begin and you will see a timer start representing the duration of the recording.
  • You can stop or pause your recording by clicking on the Stop and Pause button respectively.

    Recording duration window

  • Once you stop your recording, you will see a notification that will lead you to your saved recording’s location.
  • Alternatively, you can browse to the selected location that you entered before the recording started and find your Webex recording there.

How to record GoTo meetings as an Organizer

Just as Webex, GoToMeeting allows its organizers and co-organizers to leverage the full power of GoToMeeting by recording the meeting using their inbuilt recorder.

How to:

  • Download the GoToMeeting installer from here or continue with its web app.
  • Sign in to your GoToMeeting account.
  • Since it is presumed that you are the organizer, host a new meeting.
  • Once the meeting starts, you should see a REC button on the top of your meeting window.
  • Click on it and select Start Your Recording.

    Clicking on Start Your Recording

  • Your recording will now begin.
  • To stop the recording, click on the REC button again and select Stop Your Recording.

    Clicking on Stop Your Recording

  • You can view your recordings by clicking on the Meetings tab from the left pane. A list of all your recorded meetings will be available there.

    List of recordings

  • From there, you can either directly play the recording by hitting on Open Recording or you can download it to your local machine by hitting the Download button to download your GoTo meeting.

How to record Webex and GoTo meetings as an Attendee

Unfortunately, both Webex and Goto meetings can only be recorded by the organizer or the co-organizers. As an attendee, one needs to use a third-party screen recorder to record the entire meeting.

Here we will use a powerful screen recorder called ScreenRec for the same.

About: ScreenRec is a 100% free screen recorder with no watermarks or recording limits. It can capture screenshots and videos with a single hotkey and can also share screencasts fast via a private link.

How to:

  • Hit the following link Download ScreenRec - Free Screen Recorder For Faster Communication to download the ScreenRec for Windows.
  • Once ScreenRec is successfully installed, you will see a screen recording toolbar appear to the right side of your screen.

    ScreenRec Toolbar

  • Click on the Settings icon and the following window should open:

    ScreenRec Settings

  • As seen, ScreenRec will record the audio from the microphone along with the screen by default. To record the system audio too, toggle on the switch that says Record system audio.
  • To start recording your Webex or GoTo meeting, either click the video icon from the recording toolbar on the right side of your screen or press Alt+S.
  • Click and drag to take a screenshot or record the screen.
  • Make sure that the window you created by clicking and dragging completely encapsulates the portion of the video meeting.
  • Click the video icon to start the recording. By default, you will have a five-minute recording limit but it can easily be removed by creating a free account or signing in using Google or Facebook.
  • To stop the recording, hit Alt+S again or press the white square.
  • You can view your saved recordings by clicking on the gallery icon of the recording toolbar.
  • To save the recording to your local machine, hover over to your recording and click on Preview.

    ScreenRec gallery

  • Click on the download icon to save the video locally.

    Clicking on download icon in ScreenRec

In conclusion, you can record a Webex or GoTo meeting on your PC using the above methods. Hope you try them out.