Easiest ways of recording a Whatsapp video call

WhatsApp has been dominating the social media market for many years. Hence, there’s no surprise in the fact that it has more than 2 billion users across 180 different countries. Because of its high user base and simplicity, WhatsApp is extensively used for video calling.

With the increase in the number of video calls made over WhatsApp, people now started to record their Whatsapp video calls. This may be done for various reasons such as:

  • Keeping a memory with their loved ones.
  • Using it for interview references.
  • Using the recorded video for marketing purposes.
  • Analyzing the recorded video call for further research and many more.

Here, we will have a look at how we can record a WhatsApp video call efficiently in both Android and iOS. So let’s get started without further ado.

Recording Whatsapp video calls using Screen Recorder on Android

If you are using an Android phone running Android 10 or more, you will have an inbuilt screen recorder.

In-built Screen recording in Android

To access the inbuilt screen recorder, the general steps are:

  • Pull down the Control Panel from the top of your screen.
  • Search for “Screen recorder” if not already available in the Control Panel.
  • Allow the screen recorder to capture the video.
  • Select “Media sounds and mic” and hit on Start recording.
  • You can find the recording of your Whatsapp video call in the default gallery app of your phone.

However, if you are using earlier versions of Android and don’t find an inbuilt screen recorder then you can simply download one from the plenty of options available in the Google Play Store. Here, we shall be using a simple yet powerful app called “Screen Recorder” as an example.

About: Screen Recorder is an app that helps you easily Record Screen and Take Screenshot anywhere. It even has options to change the bitrate of the video and also trim it. Other advanced features include changing audio sample rate, audio source, audio encoding and much more.

How to:

  • Download the Screen Recorder app from Screen Recorder – Apps on Google Play
  • Open the app and allow the permission it asks for.

    Granting permissions to Screen Recorder

  • Click on the blue video icon on the bottom right corner of the screen.

    Tapping the blue video icon

  • It is advised that you switch on the Do Not Disturb on your Android phone to prevent unexpected notifications from blocking the screen while the recording is on. You can generally find the Do Not Disturb button in the Notification Panel of your smartphone.
  • You will see a recording bar appear on your screen, click on the red video icon to start the recording.

    Tapping the red video icon

  • The screen recorder will give you a notification that it will record everything on the screen. If you agree to this, tap on Start now to continue.

    Tapping on Start now

  • A three-second timer will appear on your screen after which the recording will start.
  • To stop the recording, you can either open the app and click on the blue cross.

    Tapping on blue cross

  • Or you can pull down the notification panel and stop the recording by clicking on the white square.

    Stopping the recording from Notification panel

  • The recorded Whatsapp video call can be found in the app itself from where it can be trimmed or shared.

Recording Whatsapp video calls using Screen Recording on iOS

If you happen to have an iPhone, you can directly use the inbuilt screen recording to record your WhatsApp video calls and save them on your iPhone.

How to:

  • Go to the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Search for Control Centre in the topmost search box.

    Searching for Control Centre

  • If not already in “INCLUDED CONTROLS”, tap the green plus icon next to Screen Recording to add it to the Control Centre.

    Adding Screen Recording to Control Centre

  • Now, head back to your WhatsApp video call and pull up the Control Centre from the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap on the Do Not Disturb icon (like a half-moon) so that your video recording won’t be interrupted by other notifications or calls.

    Tapping on Do not Disturb

  • Finally, tap on the Screen Recording icon and your recording will start after a countdown of three seconds.

    Tapping on Screen Recording icon

  • To stop the recording of your WhatsApp video call, simply pull up the Control Centre from the bottom of the screen again and tap again on the recording icon which should now be flashing red.
  • Once the recording is stopped, you can find the recording of your WhatsApp video call in the Photos app of the iPhone.

In case you wish to use a dedicated app for recording your WhatsApp video calls on iOS, then there is a simple app on the App Store that will do the work for you.

Here, we will be looking at a very efficient app called “Record it! :: Screen Recorder

About: Record it! :: Screen Recorder is an app that allows you to record your favourite games and apps for tutorials, games walk-through, video demos and training videos on your iPhone and iPad. After recording your screen, you can add video and face cam reactions with audio commentary to further enhance your recording!

How to:

  • Download the Record it! :: Screen Recorder app from visiting the following link ‎Record it! :: Screen Recorder on the App Store
  • Tap on the red circle to start the recording.

    Tapping on red circle

  • You can also adjust the resolution, bitrate and framerate of your recording from the toolbar on the upper side of the screen. However, going higher than a resolution of 480p will require you to upgrade to the pro version of the app.
  • It is advised that you switch on the Do Not Disturb mode from your Control Centre to prevent unexpected notifications.
  • Tap on Start Broadcast and your recording will start.

    Tapping on Start Broadcast

  • Head over to your WhatsApp video call and attend it normally as you would.
  • To stop the recording, head back to the app and tap on Stop Recording.

    Tapping on Stop Recording

  • You can alternatively tap the red bar on the top of the screen and stop the recording.
  • Your recordings can be found under My Recordings inside the app itself.
  • Tap on your recording to share it or add face cam reactions and much more.

    Sharing the recorder video or adding reactions

Summing up, recording your WhatsApp video call can be very useful for reference to it in the future or other work and now you know of the easiest ways to do it for both Android and iOS.