Easiest ways to screen record in Windows 10 for free

Screen recording is an essential feature be it for creating tutorials or streaming content. With over one billion users across 200 countries, the popularity of Windows 10 is undeniable. Combining both of the above facts, screen recording in Windows 10 can come in very handy. Therefore, people are in search of a good screen recorder in Windows 10.

People may want to record their screen for:

  • Live-streaming their favourite game to their audience.
  • Creating training videos for freshers at the workplace.
  • Providing in-depth tutorials for various topics.
  • Solving bugs and issues via sharing the recorded problem.

Here, we will have a look at three of the easiest and efficient ways to record your screen in Windows 10. So, let’s get started without further ado.

Screen recording in Windows 10 using the in-built Xbox Game Bar

For those of all who didn’t know, Windows 10 comes with its default screen recorder which is mostly intended to be used for recording gameplays. However, its usage is not only restricted to games and you can record almost anything using the default screen recorder.

Note: You can’t screen record the Files Explorer app or your Desktop using the in-built screen recorder of Xbox Game Bar after the latest update.

About: The screen recorder is a part of the Xbox Game Bar app that comes pre-installed in Windows 10. Xbox Game Bar makes it simple to take control of all your favourite gaming activities while playing on your Windows 10 device. It also recently received some major updates to make it more useful, so you can now take screenshots and even make memes.

How to:

  • Since Xbox Game Bar comes pre-installed, you can open it by hitting Windows key + G.
  • In case you deleted the Xbox Game Bar app, you can always download it from Get Xbox Game Bar
  • If you get a prompt asking you if you want to open the Game bar, check on the “Yes, this is a game” checkbox to open the Game bar.

    Checking on "Yes this is a Game" bar

    Even if you aren’t recording a game, you can check this checkbox without any worries.

  • Once the Game bar opens, click on the capture icon to open the screen capture toolbar.

    Clicking on Capture icon

  • Click on the recording icon(white circle) on the screen capture toolbar to start the recording. You can alternatively press Win+Alt+R to start the recording as well.

    Clicking White circle to start recording

  • Once the recording begins, you can see a new toolbar of recording appear on your screen which shows the time elapsed since you started the recording.

    Recording duration bar

  • At this point of time, you can close the previous Game Bar toolbars if they are coming in your way, although they won’t be recorded.
  • If you wish to record your microphone’s audio along with the recording, toggle on the microphone by clicking the slashed microphone icon in the screen recording toolbar.
  • To stop the recording, click on the stop icon(white square inside a green circle) in the screen recording toolbar.
  • Your screen recording can be found under the Captures folder inside Videos in your File Explorer of your Windows 10.

Screen recording in Windows 10 using Screen Capture

It’s quite evident that the downside of recording your screen using the Xbox Game Bar is that you don’t get the power to record your Desktop and Files Explorer. Here’s where Screen Capture comes to our rescue.

About: Screen Capture is a free online tool to record your screen in Windows 10 without installing any third-party software. Its creators guarantee high privacy while recording and also is very simple to use.

It is supported in the following browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera.

How to:

  • Head on to https://www.screencapture.com/#other on your PC to visit the Screen Capture’s website.
  • Click on any of the icons(Microphone/Sound/Webcam) to toggle them on and record them along with the video. By default, the free version contains a watermark in the recorded video.
  • Once you have selected the things that you want to record, click on Start Recording.

    Screen Capture website

  • On the Share your screen dialogue box that appears, select ‘Your Entire Screen’ and check the ‘Share Audio’ checkbox and click on Share.

    Clicking on Share

  • Finally, click on Allow to grant permissions for using the camera and microphone.
  • Your recording has now started. It will now record everything on your Windows 10 device’s screen.

    Just remember not to close the Screen Capture tab or else you will lose your recording.

  • Click on Stop Recording to stop recording your screen.

    Clicking on Stop Recording

  • Once the recording stops, you can download your recording by clicking on the Download button.

    Clicking on Download

Screen recording in Windows 10 using ScreenRec

If you are searching for a screen recorder for your Windows 10 with no watermarks and a recorder that can record everything including your Desktop and Files Explorer, then ScreenRec is the recorder for you.

About: ScreenRec is a 100% free screen recorder with no watermarks or recording limits. It can capture screenshots and videos with a single hotkey and can also share screencasts fast via a private link.

Worried about the privacy of your recordings?

ScreenRec is built on top of the StreamingVideoProvider business video platform. Your videos and screenshots are encrypted with the 128-bit AES algorithm which means that only you or people you gave the sharing link to can view them. The developers at ScreenRec don’t have access to your content.

How to:

  • Click on the following link Download ScreenRec - Free Screen Recorder For Faster Communication to download ScreenRec.
  • Once ScreenRec is successfully installed, you will see a screen recording toolbar appear to the right side of your screen which looks like this:

    ScreenRec toolbar

  • Click on the Settings icon and the following window should open:

    ScreenRec Settings

  • As you can see, ScreenRec will record the audio from the microphone along with the screen by default. To record the system audio too, toggle on the switch that says Record system audio.
  • To disable the microphone, click on the green microphone icon and it should turn into a red slashed microphone.
  • To start a recording, either click the video icon from the recording toolbar on the right side of your screen or press Alt+S.
  • Click and drag to create the window that will record the screen.
  • Make sure that the window you created by clicking and dragging completely encapsulates the portion of the screen that you want to record.
  • Click the video icon to start the recording. By default, you will have a five-minute recording limit but it can easily be removed by creating a free account or signing in using Google or Facebook.
  • To stop the recording, hit Alt+S again or press the white square.
  • You can view your saved recordings by clicking on the gallery icon of the recording toolbar.
  • To save the recording to your local machine, hover over to your recording and click on Preview.

    ScreenRec Gallery

  • Click on the download icon to save the video locally.

    Clicking on Downlaod icon in ScreenRec

So these were some of the easiest ways to record your screen in Windows 10. Hope that you try them out.